Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

Due to COVID-19, the Writing Placement Assessment (WPA) has been temporarily suspended. Upper division students may register for an approved upper division writing course to satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment (GWAR). Completion of the approved upper division writing course with a “C” or better will fulfill the GWAR required for your bachelor’s degree.

All undergraduates must demonstrate competency in writing skills at the upper division level as a requirement for graduation. Continuing students MUST take the Writing Placement Assessment (WPA) during the semester in which you achieve 60 units or in the semester immediately following. Transfer students are eligible to take the WPA once they have received an offer of admission, and they must take the exam during the first semester at SDSU. Students who do not take the exam within the required period will be administratively disqualified from attending SDSU.

For information about test dates, writing workshops, test registration, and test scores, visit the Office of Testing Services. You may also call (619) 594-5216 or email [email protected]