Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The questions and answers found in this Frequently Asked Questions section are directed to undergraduate degrees. Graduate students who have graduation questions should contact the Division of Graduate Affairs.

What is the process for graduation?
Once you have determined that you are eligible to graduate, you need to submit a graduation application during the published filing period and the non-refundable application fee. After your graduation application is processed, a graduation evaluation will be mailed to you in approximately eight to 10 weeks. Graduation is based on the successful completion of all of your degree requirements the last day of the semester of the graduation term you have applied for (i.e. if you apply for May graduation, you must complete all degree requirements by the end of the Spring semester).
How do I know if I'm eligible to graduate?
There are numerous resources available to help you determine whether you are on track to graduate. You are encouraged to meet with your major adviser and your minor adviser (if applicable) to discuss how well you are progressing towards the completion of your major and minor requirements. In addition, academic advisers are available at the Academic Advising Center who are specially trained to answer questions about the university's graduation requirements.
How do I apply for graduation?
You must submit a graduation application for the term you anticipate completing all of your requirements. Enrolled students must apply online through the SDSU WebPortal by clicking the "Apply to Graduate" menu option. If you are unable to submit a graduation application through the SDSU WebPortal, you may obtain a graduation application at You must type, print and submit the application with a non-refundable $55 fee to Student Account Services during the appropriate filing period. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are applying for the correct term in which you believe you will have met all of the graduation requirements.
When do I submit the graduation application?
Each application term has a separate application with a published filing period. Applications for May and August graduation are accepted from July 1 of the previous year until the spring semester's schedule adjustment deadline. Applications for December graduation are accepted from February 1 of the current year up until the fall semester's schedule adjustment deadline. You are encouraged to submit the application for graduation as early as possible, but at least one semester prior to your planned term of graduation. Late applications will not be accepted.
How do I get a graduation application?
Graduation applications are available through the SDSU WebPortal by clicking the “Apply to Graduate” menu option for enrolled students, or at
How much does it cost to file a graduation application?
A non-refundable $55 application fee is required.
I applied for graduation once before and paid the fee. Do I need to pay the fee again?
Yes. Each application for graduation, including transferring an application between May and August, requires the non-refundable $55 fee.
Who can I contact with questions about when and how to file a graduation application?
Staff in Academic Advising Center are available to answer questions on when and how to file a graduation application.
How do I apply my concurrent credits?
If you complete work in excess of graduation requirements during the semester or summer session when your graduation occurs, you may petition for concurrent graduate credit. You will not be awarded concurrent graduate credit automatically. Petition forms are available from the Graduate Division and must be submitted to the Office of Advising and Evaluations by the end of the third week of classes of the semester in which the concurrent credit is earned.
What is a graduation evaluation?
A graduation evaluation is a document prepared by graduation advisers that lists each graduation candidate's remaining degree requirements as of the date the evaluation is prepared. It is the official document that is used to determine whether a graduation candidate can receive his or her degree.
When do I have to complete all of my graduation requirements?
All requirements must be completed by the graduation date that coincides with the term you apply for graduation. Make-up of incomplete grades, waivers, petitions, changes of grade and transcripts from other institutions must be on file in the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of the semester in which you are graduating. Official transcripts for work taken at another institution during your final semester must be received at SDSU no later than 6 weeks after your date of graduation.
Why does my graduation evaluation still say I need to complete a particular requirement even though my adviser told me the requirement is okay?
The graduation requirements found on your evaluation are from the SDSU General Catalog. Students are required to complete these requirements. In some cases, departments will allow an exception or adjustment to the requirements found in the General Catalog. In these instances, a Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements (RAAR) form must be filed with all the appropriate approvals before an adjustment can be made to a student's evaluation. The RAAR form is available in the Academic Advising Center.
My graduation evaluation says I have to send my high school transcript. Do I really need to send my high school transcript?
Yes. If your graduation evaluation indicates transcripts are required, then you must comply with this requirement. All official transcripts should be sent to:
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7455
Or electronically, if possible to:
[email protected]
My graduation evaluation says I have to send a college transcript. Do I really need to send my college transcript?
Yes. All SDSU students are required to file official college transcripts from every institution they have attended prior to graduation.
If I have an "Incomplete" in one of my courses, will that prevent me from graduating, even if I do not need the course for any remaining requirement?
In order for your degree to be conferred all graduation requirements must be completed, all undergraduate transcripts must be on file and considered final with the Advising and Evaluations Office, and final grades must be issued for all courses.
Do I have to submit a Master Plan?
Some majors and minors require a Master Plan to be completed. Consult your SDSU General Catalog to determine if your major/minor requires one. If it does, you are required to submit a Master Plan for graduation.
When should I submit my Master Plan?
It is highly recommended that you submit your Master Plan to your graduation adviser at least one semester prior to your graduation date.
What if I study abroad during my last year at SDSU prior to my graduation?
Students who study abroad are required to have official transcripts sent from the institution attended before the completion of all degree requirements can be verified. It is important to understand that some institutions located outside the United States can take several months to send a transcript. Therefore, students who have applied to graduate and have studied abroad in their last year might experience a delay in the finalization of their graduation.
I think I might be eligible for graduating with honors and distinction. How will I know for sure?
Graduating with honors is granted to undergraduate students who achieve high grade point averages. The determination of honors will be done at the time the bachelor's degree is conferred. Distinction in the major is granted to students who meet the GPA qualifications and who have received their major department's recommendation. Candidates for a second bachelor’s degree are not eligible to graduate with honors. Your graduation adviser will automatically do the calculation of honors and distinction. However, to be considered for distinction, all removal of incompletes and grade changes must be submitted by the end of the fifth week of your final semester.
I did not receive my graduation evaluation.
Your graduation evaluation was mailed to the address you have on file with the University and you are sent an email notification that it has been mailed. If you have not received your graduation evaluation after two weeks of receiving the email notification, contact the Office of Advising and Evaluations.
Who can I contact with questions about my graduation evaluation?
Students who have questions concerning their graduation evaluation should contact their graduation adviser. Your graduation adviser's name and contact information is printed on the front page of your graduation evaluation.
I applied to graduate but I won't be able to complete my requirements in time. What should I do?
Students who realize they will not complete the graduation requirements by the end of the term to which they applied to graduate must cancel the current graduation application as soon as possible. Candidates who wish to change their projected graduation date from May to August may do so by submitting a Graduation Term Transfer form, which is available in the Academic Advising Center, and the non-refundable $55 fee. Changes from December to May or August graduation, or changes from May or August to December graduation, require a new graduation application and non-refundable $55 fee. It is highly recommended that you consult with your graduation adviser as soon as possible to discuss your particular situation and best possible course of action.
I applied for graduation, but I need one more semester to complete my requirements. How can I get a registration time?
Students not completing requirements by the end of the term to which they applied to graduate must cancel the current graduation application as soon as possible and reapply for graduation during the appropriate filing period. After cancellation of the current application has been processed, the Office of the Registrar will assign you a registration date and time for the next term.
I'll have my degree requirements satisfied with the exception of my minor. Can I graduate and come back at a later date to complete my minor?
No. If you wish to earn a minor or if a minor is required by your major, you must complete all requirements for your major and minor by the graduation date for which you applied.
How do I cancel my graduation application?
Enrolled students can cancel their graduation through the SDSU WebPortal "Apply to Graduate" menu option. Other students must submit a Graduation Cancellation form to the Office of Advising and Evaluations.
What is a Graduation Adviser?
A graduation adviser is specially trained to: 1) to review the academic records of undergraduate and second bachelor’s degree students who have applied to graduate; 2) to determine what degree requirements have and have not been satisfied by the applicant; and 3) to determine whether or not the degree can be conferred.
How do I know who my Graduation Adviser is and how do I contact him/her?
Your graduation adviser's name and contact information is printed on the front page of your graduation evaluation. Appointments are not necessary to speak with your graduation adviser; each graduation adviser provides convenient telephone advising to all graduation candidates.
When can I participate in the commencement ceremony?
Commencement ceremonies are held once a year at the end of the spring semester for students who graduated in December of the previous year, and candidates for May or August graduation.
When will I receive information about the graduation ceremony?
Commencement information is available on the SDSU Commencement website in the middle of the fall semester. The Commencement Brochure will be mailed to your current address on file with the SDSU WebPortal in early spring.
Will I receive my diploma at the commencement ceremony?
No. Diplomas will be mailed to the diploma mailing address indicated on your web portal at the time the order is placed.
Will my name be listed in the commencement program if my information is confidential?
Your name will NOT be listed in the commencement program if you have confidential directory information.
When will I receive my diploma?
At the end of the term for which you have applied to graduate, Advising and Evaluations will review your records. Once we have confirmed completion of requirements, your degree will be posted to your academic record. Approximately one to two weeks after the end of the term, you will receive notification of the status of your degree.

Diplomas are mailed about four to six weeks after the last day of the semester that you graduate. Diplomas are mailed to the diploma address you listed on your application for graduation. If you are an August graduate, you will receive your diploma four to six weeks after the last summer session.

Will my minor print on my diploma?
No. SDSU only prints majors on the diplomas. Students who earned a minor may find the minor information on their official and unofficial SDSU transcripts.
Will I receive two diplomas since I completed two majors?
No. Both majors will be listed on one diploma. The diploma and transcript issued will note the one degree earned with all majors completed.
Do honors and distinction print on my diploma?
Yes. Any honors and distinction you receive in your major will be printed on your diploma and transcript. Students earning a second bachelor’s degree may be considered for major distinction, but are ineligible to receive honors, but may be considered.
What if I haven't received my diploma and need proof that I graduated?
Once your degree has been granted, you can obtain transcripts that indicate your degree information. Official and unofficial transcripts are available in the SDSU WebPortal. In addition, potential employers may contact the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200 for degree and enrollment verification.
Can I order another copy of my diploma?
To request an additional copy of your diploma, complete a Reissued Diploma Order Form and submit it to the Cashier's Office. The cost for a reissued diploma is $12.
Can I complete a second undergraduate major after I have graduated?
No, unless you have been admitted into a second bachelor’s degree in Nursing.
Can I register for classes after I've graduated?
No. Graduated students will only be eligible to register for classes if the student has been admitted to SDSU as a graduate student or is enrolling through the College of Extended Studies.
Will I still be able to receive a degree evaluation after I've graduated?
No. Degree evaluations are only accessible to current undergraduate students.