Seeing an Adviser

San Diego State University offers multiple academic support systems to include advising about general education, major, minor, and other degree requirements, in addition to support and promote student success. Below is a guide to find out how to connect with the variety of undergraduate academic advisers. If you need help finding an adviser or other form of assistance visit the SDSU Student Success Help Desk.

Types of Academic Advising Services

The advisers in the Academic Advising Center can provide general advising on graduation requirements, transfer credit, and study abroad (transfer credit).

The Academic Advising Center advisers can also assist with explaining academic policy, academic status, as well as guidance and direction on how and when to apply to graduate. These advisers also evaluate transfer credit, and serve as a central place to communicate undergraduate academic deadlines and policies.

Advisers in the Academic Advising Center are available for advising virtually through zoom or by phone. Please visit the Academic Advising Center website for contact information.

Major and minor advisers are available for each individual major and minor. On the Major Adviser Directory, you can find the faculty or staff adviser for your specific major or minor. Your faculty/staff adviser will help guide you in selecting courses, planning and scheduling your major preparation and upper division major courses, and assistance with creating an academic plan to support your progress towards graduation. Your major/minor and college advisers can provide support and campus referrals if you are facing academic or personal challenges which may be impeding your progress towards degree completion. They can also answer questions regarding career opportunities and graduate studies in your major field.

All majors at SDSU reside within a college. In addition to major advising, there are ways to connect with your advisers through College Advising. Below is the list of the undergraduate Colleges and more information on how to connect with additional advising resources.

EOP Counselors provide academic, career, and personal counseling as well as facilitate academic success and personal development. Please visit the EOP Counselors contact information page for more information on how to connect with your EOP Counselor.

If your major requires an international experience or study abroad requirement to graduate, or if you have goals to study abroad to participate in high impact experiences, you can connect with a study abroad adviser in the International Student Center to begin the process of exploring your study abroad options and planning your international experience.

International advisers in the Academic Advising Center can assist with reviewing international transfer credit.

The Weber Honors College program is a unique minor, comprising an interdisciplinary curriculum made up of small, discussion-based seminars and innovative teaching techniques to promote engagement in the subject area, preparing students for high-impact educational experiences. If you have elected to participate in the Weber Honors College program, you will work directly with the Weber Honors College adviser.

Preprofessional advisers are available for students pursuing a preprofessional career (pre-medical, pre-law, etc.) and planning to attend professional schools. SDSU provides pre-professional advising for the following programs:

The division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity offers support services for students with special needs, those enrolled in special programs, or students seeking personal and career counseling. Below is a list of additional support services to promote academic success.

Office Location Telephone Number
Career Services Student Services East 1200 (619) 594-6851
Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) Calpulli Center 4401 (619) 594-5220
Student Ability Success Center (SASC) Calpulli Center 3100 (619) 594-6473

The Assistant Dean of your College is available to provide advising on academic probation and disqualification situations, as well as support and referrals to campus resources if you are facing academic or personal challenges which may be impeding your progress towards degree completion. Assistant Deans are also available to provide information for campus engagement and leadership opportunities.

Graduate Advisers are available to assist students preparing for or enrolled in graduate programs at SDSU.