Academic Advising and Evaluations Office

Step 6: Identify Your First Semester Courses

You will use the information provided on your Personal Information Sheet and your MAP to begin planning your registration for your first semester at SDSU.

Your suggested first semester courses are identified on the left-hand column under First Year on your MAP. Some of the courses listed may have a prerequisite, which may need to be met before you are eligible to enroll in the class.

If you have any test credit such as AP, IBACC, or CLEP or have college level credit from another institution, you may have already satisfied some graduation requirements. Your degree evaluation will show you which requirements you have satisfied with external credit. You may need to rearrange the recommended sequence of your first semester. Please make sure all test scores and/or college transcripts have been sent to SDSU in order to receive credit.

For example, if you took the English Language and Composition AP exam and scored a 3, and SDSU has received your AP scores, you will have satisfied GE Written Communication and receive RWS 100 credit. This means you will not be taking GE Written Communication in your first semester. You will want to replace that course on your MAP with a course from the recommended sequence of the second semester. In this example, we are going to replace GE Written Communication with GE Critical Thinking.

Moving a second semester course to your first semester in MAP.


Once you have identified the courses you wish to register for, you can learn how to plan your classes and register by reviewing the Registration Guide.

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