Course Repeat and Course Forgiveness

If you wish to receive academic advising on the course repeat and course forgiveness policies, visit the Academic Advising Center to speak with an academic adviser.

Course Repeat 

Repeat a course and have the old and new grades calculated into your grade point average.

  • Students can only register for the same course if they previously earned a grade of "C-" or lower.
  • Undergraduate students can repeat up to a total of 28 units.
  • The old and new grades will both be calculated into the student's overall grade-point average.

Course Forgiveness

Repeat a course and have only the new grade calculated into your grade point average. The old grade stays on your record but is not factored into your GPA.

  • Students can only register for the same course if they previously earned a grade of "C-" or lower.
  • Students may request a maximum of 16 units for course forgiveness as part of the 28-unit course repeat limit.
  • Students can repeat the same course only once for course forgiveness.
  • No more than one course used for course forgiveness may be an upper division course.

You can apply by completing the online course forgiveness request form available in the SDSU WebPortal.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I repeat the course?
There are no time restrictions on when you need to use course forgiveness.
Do I have to repeat the course at SDSU?
Yes. Course forgiveness can only be applied to courses repeated at SDSU. However, you can take it with a different instructor.
Can I use course forgiveness at SDSU for courses taken at other colleges?
Yes. Course forgiveness may be extended to courses originally taken elsewhere and repeated at SDSU.
Can course forgiveness apply to any course?
Course forgiveness only applies to repeats of the same course - same number, title, and (for Experimental Topics courses) same subtitle. In some cases, registration in a course may have become restricted due to impaction, limitation by major code, enforcement of prerequisites, or sequence requirements (e.g. mathematics and foreign language). In those cases, you are prohibited from repeating the course unless you meet the requirements.
Can I repeat a course with a different grading basis?
No. The only courses that may be repeated Credit/No Credit are those in which you previously received No Credit. If a course was previously taken for a grade, you must repeat it for a letter grade. If not, the original grade will continue to be calculated into your grade point averages.

Repeating courses in which the original grade was No Credit does not require filing of the Course Forgiveness form, nor does it subtract from the total forgivable repeat units permitted since the No Credit grade does not affect your GPA.

How do I apply for course forgiveness?
Course forgiveness request forms are accepted via the SDSU WebPortal each semester after the schedule adjustment deadline to add classes. There is no fee for current term course forgiveness requests submitted by the last day of the term. A current term request means you are currently enrolled in the repeat course, e.g., you are taking a class this semester to forgive a class you took last semester.

Retroactive course forgiveness requests are accepted on the SDSU WebPortal any time for a $20 fee. A retroactive request means that you completed the repeat course in a past term, e.g., you took a class last semester to forgive a class you took the previous semester.

Faculty and Staff

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